Thursday, December 27, 2007

Crisis Point

Awful, terrible news from Pakistan.

My impression is that this leaves a rather large vacuum: I wonder whether Sharif and Khan will be able to rally Bhutto's supporters to either of them, and what it all means for the upcoming election there. Of course, the US news shows seem all to be ignoring Imran Khan as a politician, unaware of who he is, and how he has transformed himself from merely a revered cricket player.

Yours, very worried by this crisis.


Jennifer said...

I just now woke up to this news...I hate that :( For my high school graduation, my aunt sent me her biography, and she seemed to be such a strong, courageous woman...young and beautiful to boot...I admired her so much. I haven't kept up with her over the years but always admired sad to be cut down so soon!

Bobkat said...

Of course, if the opposition don't rally then there is unlikley to be an election.... which is exactly what the assassins wanted I suspect. It is very worrying.

I came by to say that I hope you had a good Christmas and to wish you the best for the New Year.

awareness said...

Not good at all......and so darn predictable? I don't understand why this woman put herself in such harm's way when there is technology and other means to make a big impact before an election. To be at a rally with obviously not enough security, surrounded by hot headed craziness is insane.

though she was not above reproach with respect to her time as leader/PM, Bhutto represented hope and the possiblity of some semblance of order.

Very scary. Very frightening. I am not comfortable whatsoever that we also have to rely on a dimwit in Washington to come up with some kind of suitable response and consequent world leadership intervention.

Panthergirl said...

Yes, that was really awful news indeed. But unfortunately I felt that her return to Pakistan wouldn't end well. I feel sorry for her children, as well.

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