Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day

In England, or so I was told when I was younger, it used to be the tradition for households to give "Christmas boxes", small token gifts, perhaps monetary, to household staff the day after everyone else had celebrated Christmas, and hence "Boxing Day". Back where-used-to-be-home, this is a big deal, especially now, with sales that used to start on New Year's Day starting now almost a week earlier.
Here in the US, it is an unknown term of art, but the modern traditions of the day are the same: visit people: recover from the orgy of consumption and eating by another orgy of buying and eating: watch sports, and sit watching movies.

We watched "The Sword in the Stone" with Boo and Skibo --- neither LOML nor I had seen it all the way through, and all four of us enjoyed it tremendously. LOML and I especially enjoyed the reaction of Boo and Skibo to some of the comedy-terror scenes, such as the fight with the perch (which I thought looked like a pike), and the magic duel with Mim. Both children came close to falling off their chairs in giggles and gales at the antics:-)

Tomorrow may be Dumbo, and at some point, I hope to get them to watch the Princess Bride past the shrieking eels scene! I may need to do some judicious fast-forwarding:-)

Yours, entranced,


Anonymous said...

I love watching movies with my nephews and nieces. We thoroughly enjoy it.

BTW, I too hate marking papers. However nothing can be done about it.

Michele says go and mark papers. I say, no! I go visit BreadBox!

awareness said...

I love Dumbo, but my all time favourite of Disney is The Jungle Book.

have you watched Wallace and Grommit with them? Max loved them the best.

Bobkat said...

Good choices - I hope you got past the shrieking eels as it's such a great movie! :)