Saturday, October 6, 2007


A personal record: I did some origami with Boo and Skibo earlier, at Boo's request: so I precreased a simple paper airplane, and then folded another one alongside her, while she folded the pre-creased one: she did a wonderful job, and I felt very proud of her:-)
And then Skibo asked me to make him, and to show him how to make, a boat. Let's see: Skibo is just 3. Origami with a three year old. Even pre-creased, there's only one word. Well, two: challenge, and crazy.
I'm always up for a challenge. So I pre-creased a couple of simple boats: it is one of the classic origami pieces which is great to start with for beginners, and I have to say, he did a wonderful job of folding it. I had to help him a very little bit, but basically, he's done his first origami. At three years and two months old.

Yours, creased with a smile,


WendyWings said...

He is probably better at it then I ever was. My mother was obsessed with all things Japanese when I was a child and made a thousand of those good luck cranes, I still have nightmares lol.
Michele sent me today.

David Edward said...

you in-creased my admiration for you.
here form michele

Chelle said...

Excellent work. I once worked on an origami frog with a 6 year old. He was pretty good at origami and I've done quite a bit, but we never did get that frog right.