Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shopping dates

Every once in a while, LOML and I like to go on a shopping date: we get into the van and drive half an hour or more to places where there are better grocery stores.  Today, we went to Whole Foods and to Trader Joe's, buying, amongst other things, olive oil, brown basmati rice (from TJ -- very good, better than almost any other brown basmati I've had) and a variety of fish.
The fish we had for supper with the vets and LOML's friend J (who ate a steak, not being of the fish-eating persuasion).  Absolutely delicious, with a mango pineapple ginger salsa (a little heavy, perhaps, on the ginger, but it wasn't meant to be eaten by itself, and with the fish it was quite good), a variety of mushrooms, asparagus, and brown basmati.
Yours, enjoying eating healthily, at least occasionally,

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