Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A culinary experiment

LOML and I used to buy smoked trout pate some years ago, until the store decided not to stock it any longer.  We didn't eat enough of it for them to keep it in stock, it seems --- it was an occasional treat rather than a daily staple, and it doesn't seem to be a culinary tradition in this part of the world.
Last week we were in a rather more up-market store, and sure enough, they had smoked trout pate: but I'm even more ambitious in the kitchen now than I was back then, and since they also had smoked trout, I decided to make the pate myself.
Halfway through the rest of the trek through the store I had an idea: a sriracha aiolli, a pizza crust baked bare, and slices of smoked trout.  Finally I had the opportunity to try making it today: it's a definite keeper!  Slightly spicy, slightly smoky, contrasting textures working together, it's quite delicious.

The aiolli:
4 cloves of garlic, minced
teaspoon of mustard powder
2 large egg yolks
juice of a couple of lemons
2/3 cup olive oil, good quality
1/3 cup peanut oil (or other if allergies require)
teaspoon sriracha (hot, sweet sauce, my favourite chili sauce)
salt to taste

In a blender, blend the garlic, mustard powder, and egg yolks until they turn a lovely yellow.  With the blender going the whole time, very slowly drizzle in the oil -- less slowly than a steady stream, occasionally drizzling in a little of the lemon juice.  When all of the oil and lemon juice is incorporated, add salt and sriracha to taste, again, with the blender running.  The texture should be that of mayonnaise, which should be no surprise, since that is exactly what it is, a garlic mayonnaise.

This is a magnificent sauce to serve with pizza (think garlic dipping sauce kicked up a hundred notches): but with a square of naked pizza, topped with a little sauce, and a slice of smoked trout atop, you'll have an appetizer fit for a king.  Or president.  Even a despot or dictator!

Yours, happy with the outcome,

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