Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Now that I'm home

Now that I'm home, of course, and I have hugged LOML and the children, it was time to get back to work: things have built up while I've been away, of course,
Little bits of discouraging news: my car is on its last legs, or rather, its transmission is about to take it off to carvanha, and the budget problems in Washington, especially the hurry-up-and-slash-and-burn combined with no-we-won't-pass-this-years-budget makes it likely I will get paid much less this summer.
On the plus side, I've continued thinking about how to work with the foundation in India: it occurred to me that I know a couple of documentary film-makers, and perhaps I could put a little buzz in their ears: I think that if they could capture the joy, the excitement, the utter bliss at learning and teaching science in the eyes of the students, it could be a real winner of a movie. 

We live in exciting times indeed: and frightening too: Libya has all but disappeared from the news with the problems in Japan --- which look horrific and potentially catastrophic: already well past disastrous.  I know a couple of people there, and know of many more: and my thoughts go out to every one of them.

Yours, trying to keep a positive attitude on the future possibilities while remembering those hurt or lost in Japan, Libya and beyond.

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Cornish Dreamer said...

Sounds like you've been really busy lately, and lots of travel too.

C x