Saturday, March 26, 2011


Fortunately, Skibo appears to be feeling much better now than early this morning.  We're hoping that it was a one-day gastric event, and that it won't affect the other three of us on the way home!

We've had a lovely time, in spite of Skibo's troubles: today Boo and LOML went off to E's birthday party at the local skate-and-minigolf venue, and apparently had a lovely time.  Afterwards we all sat down for dinner, with sushi from a local restaurant for appetizers, and then a lovely dinner cooked by Ian, followed by lots of sitting around and chatting with people we like to sit and chat with.

Of course, along the way, there were children to put to sleep, and I plead the fifth here: LOML did it all.... as I wanted to talk to S&I about some ideas, I'm very grateful....

Yours, suddenly ready for bed,

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