Friday, March 4, 2011

Huckabee versus Portman

Former governor of Arkansas, possible presidential contender, and someone who I formerly thought to be seriously misguided, but at least sincere, has been completely off the wall recently.
In the last few days he was ranting about Obama having grown up in Kenya with a Mau-Mau mentality (as far as I am aware, even most of the birthers realise that that is just ridiculous): and today, he came out firmly against Natalie Portman.  Why?  Because she is pregnant, and unmarried.
Portman is a stunning example of what people can make of their lives: she is, of course, a highly successful movie star, winner of an Oscar last weekend: but also, she was a semi-finalist in the biggest national science competition for high school students, a star student at Harvard in neuroscience, and from all accounts from Hollywood and elsewhere, a decent human being to boot.  In this battle, I'd have to give her the edge.  A very, very wide edge!

Yours, hoping that Huckabee's rant will be his swan song!

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