Friday, March 12, 2010

Zoe Lewis' playlist

As I promised a few days ago, here is the playlist from Zoe Lewis' concert the Box Social in Sarasota.

First Set
Breakfast in Bangkok (from the album Small is Tremendous)
Small is Tremendous (Small is Tremendous)
Prince of Love (A Cure for the Hiccups)
Geraldine (A Cure for the Hiccups)
Hell But Swell (A Cure for the Hiccups)
Never Too Old (A Cure for the Hiccups)
Snow White (Small is Tremendous)
Eyelashes (Small is Tremendous)

Second Set
The Breakfast Blues (didn't know it, but it's lovely in a sort of  Bessie Smith "Kitchen Man Blues" way -- even though it bears no resemblance to it)
Summer's Near (Small is Tremendous)
Auntie Gladys (Sheep)
Little Bit of Lovin' (another one that I didn't know)
When the Developers Came to Tea (Fishbone, Wishbone, Funnybone)
Tulips, Carnations and Crysanthemums (Full of Faraway)
Gringo! (Small Is Tremendous)

As an encore, by special request (yes, by me:-) she played 
Squidding (Fishbone, Wishbone, Funnybone)

One of the loveliest things about hearing her live (other than getting to meet her, of course!) is hearing the stories she tells before each song: she leads in with a gentle tale: about a leaf walking away on a tree -- a stick insect -- or how she came to write the song "Geraldine", a lovely little surprise.  I'd write them all down here, but that would be like stealing her stories, and also it would deprive anyone who does get the chance to see her of the surprise that the stories hold.  There's a rumour that she's planning a live album, so here's hoping she includes the stories as well as the songs!

Yours, listening now,

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