Saturday, March 6, 2010

Small is tremendous!

What a lovely, tremendous show!  Zoe Lewis performed two sets to a small, but enthusiastic audience: I got to go up and introduce myself, tell her how much LOML and I love her music, and -- I hope -- persuade her to come visit somewhere near to where we live.

I kept notes of the playlist, and will post it soon --- I've already programmed the songs I have into my music player, so I can recreate at least the order of the songs.

The most amazing thing about the show, though, was the stories she told introducing her songs: suddenly all the songs come even more to life than they were before: they -- or I -- gain a new perspective and meaning.

She's a lovely singer, and delightful in person: if you get a chance to see her play, jump at it -- or drive a thousand miles!  If you don't, then buy her albums!

Yours, in praise of a wonderful artist,

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