Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Health care to happen???

It is beginning to look possible that health care reform may in fact pass.  And while I don't necessarily like the bill that will pass, it is better than the alternatives: do nothing, or hope that the Republicans might actually try to help do something bipartisan. The former?  A disaster.  The latter?  Charlie Brownian in its stupidity.
I wish that the Democrats had decided to do what was right a year ago rather than aiming to try to get a bipartisan bill.  But they didn't, and so we have to live with what has happened.  If we don't pass it, there'll be another decade or two of massive undercoverage of people in this country.  If we do pass it, then then there's a chance that the Dems can rebound in the election and then pass improvements after the election.

At last, the US may be about to join the rest of the civilized world, and ensure that more than 85% of its population has health insurance.  Crappy?  Yes, Expensive? Sure.  But at least most of the uninsured will get insurance.
Yours, keeping my fingers crossed,

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