Monday, March 29, 2010

Darn. Drat. Double Fnord.

After all these years, finally the ITV Boat Race coverage got onto ESPNU, and I was able to watch the race live.  Two years running.
This year, the BBC has the race back, and so I was anticipating watching the race live on the net.  Oh, no, it seems not.  No, this time, it will be on BBC World News and BBC America.
Except I don't get BBC World News as a channel, as far as I can tell.  And BBC America isn't showing it on their schedule.  So I'm left hoping that perhaps the BBC will stream it live on the net as well.  Except that doesn't seem to be the case.
Perhaps I'll be able to stream the audio.

Or perhaps I can phone England and listen over a bad line.

Bah.  Hum.  Bug.  What a birthday present.

Yours, feeling like "disgusted, Tunbridge Wells",

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