Saturday, February 20, 2010

Poor wee Boo

Poor wee Boo.  She's been sick today.  Only once, but it was an absolute doozy.  Our golden had run off (she has more holes in the fence -- every time we close one she finds another) and we were driving around looking for her, when Boo exclaimed that her tummy hurt: I turned for home: a minute later, she announced that she was going to throw up: I asked her how long she could hold it, and in response, with the house in view, one stop sign away, she projectile-vomited all over her clothes, herself, and the back seat of my car.

After much googling, it's clear that it is an ordinary, extremely unpleasant, case of stomach flu.

Yours, feeling terrible for her.

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Cornish Dreamer said...

oh. Nasty. Hope Boo is feeling better now.