Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More stress == less stress?

A stressful morning, although much less stressful, and for much less time than I expected.  I went to the cardiologist for a "stress test", following up on yesterday's excitement: I had, of course, read ahead on the net as to what stress tests involve, and talked to someone who had had one recently, and so was completely unprepared for what to expect.
I was expecting a several hour ordeal, possibly with radioactive chemical tracers: I was pleasantly surprised to not have to have any injections: further, rather than having to be there for four hours, I was in and out (filling out forms included) in 75 minutes!  The treadmill was much less stressful than I had anticipated: about ten or fifteen minutes from start to finish on there, followed by a rush to lie down so that they could listen to my heart on the ultrasound machine, to compare with the rest state from earlier.

The good news is that things look good: my heart didn't display any evidence of blockages or problems on the ultrasound, my blood pressure is okay, etc.

So, it's back to normal levels of worry instead of the elevated levels of yesterday.

Yours, stressed out, in a good way,

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Cole said...

How scary it all is Neil! I'm so glad to hear you are alright!