Monday, February 22, 2010

Grump grump grump

So I'm in California, for a conference about computing, at a hotel booked by the organisers of the conference, paid for by the organisers, and in order to connect to the fracksticklepasting internet, I have to pay $8 per day to tmobile.  Not only that, because of the way tmobile does things, it takes 30 minutes of trying, and then another 20 minutes with tech support to manage to get connected.

Yes, I invented the word "fracksticklepasting".  Feel free to use it in impolite company.  It's really not for use in polite company.

Yours, needing to invent some words right now,

1 comment:

Cornish Dreamer said...

"fracksticklepasting". Great word invention. I'd probably say something a little less...well...polite sounding if I was being charged that much. ;-)