Friday, February 19, 2010

Back home for a day and a half

And just like that, I'm back home.
A hundred and fifty miles or so this evening, and I've returned to the house.  Our friends are bringing Boo and Skibo back once they've finished their dinner, and I'm catching up on sitting down and relaxing for a few minutes.

I felt really good about the review process I participated in: I really think that we did a good job with the oral presentation, making the case for some involvement from higher administration, pushing to make a few things happen sooner rather than later (and in a couple of instances, a few days difference could make the world of difference in the outcome).  So, I think that I have served my purpose well.  We still have to write the formal written review, but that should be relatively straightforward, I think.

Yours, thinking it strange to feel like a grown-up who's done a good job....

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