Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More conference stuff

Yesterday there were some more wonderful talks: Laurence Peters gave a keynote address on seven ways that technology is changing: very informative, very entertaining: unfortunately it isn't clear that it will be on line: most of the other presentations will be viewable in a few days time, I believe.
The dinner last night was at the Museum of Technology: fine food, good wine, and lots to see and do.  Unfortunately not enough time to see everything at the museum -- but what we did see was interesting and fun.

The conference has now finished: now it's time to head to the airport in a bit, and then to travel home: my flight's late, a red-eye, with a connection, so I won't make it to the house until perhaps 11am: fortunately, I don't think that I have any obligations tomorrow, so I can catch up on sleep in the afternoon!

I've missed LOML and Boo and Skibo --- it'll be so nice to spend a few days with them before my next trip: this time south rather than west.

Yours, playing the global (or at least national) traveller,

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Cornish Dreamer said...

wow. you seem to be travelling a lot, lately. I hope it's all interesting and worthwhile. :-)