Thursday, February 25, 2010

The dreaded lurgi

Or lurgy, the alternate spelling.  It's visiting our house, our neighbourhood, town, county, state.  People all over are coming down with a very nasty stomach bug, gastrointestinal misery for a few days.
Boo's had it on and off since Saturday, Skibo since Tuesday or so, and now LOML's had it for a day.  My return to the house has consequently been rather more muted than it might have been.

I'm expecting to come down with it any day now --- hopefully sooner rather than later, or not at all, since my next trip is next week.

Yours, doing what little I can to make LOML, Boo and Skibo feel more comfortable and get better,

1 comment:

Cornish Dreamer said...

aw. sounds rather nasty. I hope you don't get it at all. And I hope that Boo, Skibo and LOML get better soon.