Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gingrich is still around????

Gingrich, of the Newt variety, is apparently still around.  He was bloviating pontificating on the Daily Show this evening.  Stewart pointed out that the shoe bomber had had his "Miranda rights" read to him (for those in other countries, you know about this: it's the "you have the right to remain silent" stuff that you see on US cop shows), just the same way that the underwear bomber had had similar rights read to him.  Gingrich responded with "But Richard Reed was an American citizen".   This apparently made all the difference for him.

Unfortunately for Gingrich, this means that he is either extraordinarily ill-informed, or mendacious.  As in stupid, or lying.  There was immense press coverage at the time regarding Reed's being a British citizen --- it was seen and is seen as a frightening thing: one of the nations closest to the US is spawning home-grown terrorists.  Surely Gingrich knew this at one time: either he's lying now, or he has forgotten an immensely serious fact.  And thus is stupid.

Yours, going with a combination both,

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