Monday, December 8, 2008

A process of rebuilding

Rebuilding the gingerbread house, that is (I'm not going to talk about the economy, the temporary 4%+ paycut we're all taking, or whether it's going to be a slender year for Christmas). We're rebuilding!
I found my diagrams from last year (sure enough, the jpgs I put up last time are not to scale, but I found the originals, and went in and changed the length of the long walls (rather than lengthening the roof --- solely because we use 8.5x11 inch
paper, and the templates were already about 11 inches long!)
LOML and the children mixed up the first batch of dough, and tomorrow we'll bake it, roof pieces first.
No pictures of the process as yet --- but perhaps we'll take some tomorrow as the children and I roll out the pieces.

Yours, under re-construction,

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