Monday, December 15, 2008

Gingerbread house, pre-school version

I accompanied Skibo to his making-a-gingerbread-house session at pre-school this morning. Fun was had by all, even me (food snob that I might be) (okay, as I am occasionally described by almost everyone else) even if the method of construction was rather like building double-wides.
We started with a cardboard box, glued to a foil-wrapped piece of cardboard.
We pasted on store-bought "frostin'", which we used to provide the stickiness to glue on graham crackers (for the uk, this are almost, but not completely unlike digestive biscuits, except that they are long and rectangular and inedible). Spurred on by other children and their parents, grandparents, etc, we created an angled roof, a chimney, a drainpipe (red "licorice"), and even a satellite dish (popsicle, the wrapper for which, prior to removal, read "50 sucks!")
Skibo was admirably restrained in his application of candy: his house looked subtle, restrained, and he got to take home a bag chock full of candy. Smart boy.

Yours, looking forward to decorating a (real) gingerbread house. When LOML and/or I have the energy!

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