Monday, December 22, 2008

In our ongoing attempt at multiculturalism for the children (especially given the level of education on that score in the schools!) this evening we had a Hanukkah dinner: a couple of families, four children and six adults. We went shopping for it this morning, buying each child a small token gift, getting some chocolate coins, etc.
LOML and Boo went into a local party-supply store for much of the swag: Skibo decided to stay in the car with me: and on coming out of the store, LOML exclaimed that while they were paying for the stuff, the cashier had leaned over and asked Boo if she was looking forward to Christmas.
Yes, this was while Boo and LOML were in there buying a menorah! Talk about a need for multiculturalism!

Yours, fighting an uphill battle,

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alice c said...

Happy Christmas to all at Breadbox Mansions! The advantage of multiculturalism is that you get more festivals - I commend your responsible attitude.