Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas trees are thin on the ground this year

and they are thin in the waist too.

We went out on our annual get-a-tree expedition this morning (we'd been trying for a few days to find the time, and between my work schedule, the kids extra extra-curricular activities, and all else happening --- for example, LOML recording the voice-over for the local Nutcracker production --- this morning was the first day we could find a time for the four of us to run out.
We should, of course, have just gone, the two of us, during the week --- but we wanted to include the children. But this year they were still more interested in running around the stores than in helping pick out a tree.
I was very surprised by how short the trees seem to be this year, and how skinny. And how few trees were on the lots --- I am guessing that it is a direct result of the drought, but who knows. Fortunately the prices were not up drastically from last year, and we are happy with the tree we bought.

Now to decorate it! Lots of origami on it this year.

Yours, ready to get the children to fold some of it,


awareness said...

I'll ship a beauty down to you. There is an old tree farmer who sets up his trees and wreaths for sale (all leaning against his old truck) right down the hill from my house on the old highway. For 25 bucks, I can get you one thats 8 feet tall and just as wide. :) he'll throw in an armful of tips to make a lovely garland for your mantel.

BreadBox said...

I'd have loved to take you up on the offer --- but we've got our skinny one up, and put the lights on this evening.
At least it is tall --- and perhaps as it relaxes it will become shapelier. And actually, gazing at it, in retrospect it's a rather pretty tree, at least from this angle:-)

Would that we lived nearer the cold, though, so we could have a real christmas....