Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Paper planes

When my parents were visiting, I spent some time folding paper planes with my father and Skibo. At one point, I folded a plane which flew particularly well, and tried hard to remember what I had done. Unfortunately, the plane in question went into the recycling bin at some point, and I couldn't remember what I'd done.

Today I think that I recreated it. At the very least, the plane I made flew well.
And so I took the time to do something --- for me --- very new: I sat down and created some diagrams for folding it. It's actually only a couple of folds away from the plane everyone knows how to fold, and it can't be new, but it's not in any of the books I have on folding planes. Nonetheless, I'm hesitant to post diagrams for what surely must either be traditional, or worse, someone else's model.

At the same time, I'm really pleased to have taken the first step towards diagramming!

Yours, step by step,

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