Monday, December 29, 2008

After my first productive day in well over a week (most of the productivity was writing letters of reference for people I care enough about to write good letters of reference: and then uploading them -- into seventeen different individually designed interfaces, each of which extended my task by at least a couple of minutes) I sat down to renew some memberships in professional societies.
I say renew, since I used to be a member, have, for much of the past thrumptysevix years been a member (occasionally productive, valued, and other adjectives!) although for the past year I've let the memberships lapse.
But this year I need to renew them --- and the societies are mad-keen on making it hard for me to do so!
Each society seems to assume that there are two categories: those who have been and still are a member, who want to renew, and those who have never been a member before, who want to take out a membership.
I managed to fight my way past one of the interfaces: I gave up after twenty minutes with the other. If they don't want my damned membership dues, then I'm damned if I'm going to fight for hours to sign up!

Yours, demonstrating undue diligence,

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