Monday, December 1, 2008

Exciting news from Canada

It seems that the Liberals and the NDP have come to an agreement which may mean that the Harper government may fall --- and without a new election at that!
For the first time in many decades, there may be a coalition government in Ottawa: curiously, if I remember my Ontario recent history, the last similar political agreement in the country was at the provincial level, and was led from the NDP side by Bob Rae, currently leading the party at the federal level.
I'm not sure what this does for Dion, head of the Liberal party, though: sure, it will make him PM, but as a seat-warmer for six months only. I don't see an obvious way for him to parlay this into continuing, but he can, I guess, secure himself a place in history just by making this happen.

Sometimes US politics is fascinating. But sometimes, a parliamentary system can give so much more excitement:-)

Yours, fascinated, at a distance,


awareness said...

You have a good memory. It was Rae in Ontario. He then went ahead and put the province in the hole.

The PM speaks to the nation tonight. It is exciting, but also quite frightening because of what is at stake. People aren't hurting financially as badly as south of the border, but the economy is beginning to sag quickly. Harper's tactics are unbelievably vindictive. I am appalled that this man has such anger and revenge in his heart to play with the fortunes of the country in order to score one against his so called "enemies...."

Our GG arrived back in Ottawa tonight. It will be her decision only as to how this plays out. Harper will most likely ask for a proroguation (did I spell that right?) in order to bring in a new budget in Jan. However, its too late for that, and too dicey to dismiss parliament for that long. As far as I can see, the coalition may be the only promising alternative. I just wish they had chosen someone other than Dion to lead it. Ken Dryden would've been good!! He's the only one who is loved by both Leafs and Habs fans!!

This has truly thrown down a gauntlet between Quebec and the rest of Canada....

can you imagine?? a bunch of socialists supported by a bunch of separatistes, led by a man who led his party to the worst defeat in the history of their party.

Pour me a drink.

awareness said...

hey there.

we have been muzzled....

we have all been sent home from the playground.

this country is now run by a dictator.

how nice.

being prorogued is painful.