Thursday, December 11, 2008

All future scandals

All future scandals with a mainly non-Washington component to them should henceforth get their own scandal suffix.
All Washington scandals are "gates": Watergate, whence the term arose, Whitewatergate, Irancontragate, Plamegate, etc.

But we've seen plenty of non-Washingtonian scandals, and it seems to me that we need a completely new suffix: Spitzer looked good for a while but that feels too long: so I propose the suffix -vich, or if appropriate, -evich.

As in the current Illinois situation is a real Illinoisavich, a real Blagojevich.
Or perhaps, Illinoisevich is a real spitzer of a scandal.

Yours, enjoying coining the monikers here --- or should those be "Monicas"?

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