Friday, August 1, 2008

Eight days

Only a little over a week to go. Can you tell yet that I need this vacation?

We're finally getting things in place for Skibo's birthday party: he is crazy about divers, and so we've got him some flippers and a mask for his birthday -- he'll be Scuba Skibo in our minds from now on.

While LOML was out this afternoon, the children and I made birthday cards: there were some gorgeous interactions with Boo telling Skibo how to spell "I luv you" (sic) and similar phrases. She's really great about teaching her little brother how things go: it's so nice to see the two of them interact like that. Of course, they have the other types of interactions as well, but by and large, we are so lucky with how good they are together.
Tomorrow, Boo and Skibo and I have to go to the craft store so that they can make picture frames for LOML's birthday present. They've decided that this is what they want to make, and I think it sounds wonderful: the only difficulty is going to be getting LOML out of the way for hours while we get the kraftwerk done.....

On a completely unrelated note, congratulations to my supervisee, JJ, who just passed all her comprehensive exams! Well done!

Yours, celebrating everything,

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