Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our young artisan becomes a businesswoman

Boo has been making earrings for a few weeks now.  She has a lovely eye for ways to put beads together, how colours will work in interesting ways, and has constructed several lovely sets.
This afternoon, a friend of our stopped by, and on seeing Boo's work, asked if she could buy a pair of the earrings.
Boo set her price (and naturally, she had no idea for how much to ask for, but she will learn that in time: in this instance she came in rather below:-) and immediately made her first sale!

So, our young artisan has become a businesswoman!  LOML suggested to her that she split the proceeds into three chunks, placing each chunk in a jar: one for saving, one for spending, and one for sharing.

Yours, very proud of our little girl,

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