Saturday, July 30, 2011

How is a pig's tail like getting up for a swim meet this morning?

To quote the old, and deliberately awful Noel Coward joke, "twirly!"

It was indeed way too early this morning to get up for swimming.  But get up we did, and we ferried the kids to another pool for their final swim meet of the season: both kids swam their hearts out, didn't come close to winning any race, but had a fun time.  And in at least one relay race, Skibo's team, aged six and seven, was racing against teams aged ten and eleven!

Next week the children are signed up for swimming lessons, which I hope will help improve their strokes: the swim team coach has been focussing mainly on getting them to swim laps, and hasn't  had the time for individual attention, but starting Monday, they'll have a great teacher, just for the two of them.

Yours, looking forward to seeing more improvement,

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