Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beja Flor

I've been listening, as I may have recently said, to Zoe Lewis' lovely album, Rotary Phone, finding it a wonderful mostly light hearted piece of music.  Her songs really are stories: for example, the song Bollywood, all about an eight year old girl on a train in India, singing, with no shoes, but dreams of Bollywood sparkling in her mind.  Rotary Phone, the title song, is a lovely paean to the old days when one came home to one's phone, not carrying it around like an electronic umbilical cord.
One song that was not as obvious to me was Beja Flor.  It sounded as though it was about a hummingbird --- and when I finally remembered to google the term, I discovered that Beija Flor is indeed the Portuguese word for hummingbird.  So, today I learned a new word in a language in which I know very few words, and understood better a beautiful song!

Yours, always looking to learn.

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