Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Boo is better again

It seems that Boo's virus has been vanquished.  She and Skibo were bouncing off the walls this afternoon (and literally, and annoyingly, climbing the furniture too).
Fortunately, by the time dinner was over, some order had returned to the chaos, and we all went to the pool, where the kids were able to get some of the energy out, and they went to bed surprisingly well.

I tried a new idea for a meal today -- and while it wasn't a complete success, I have ideas for how to modify it, and will give it another shot.  Inspired by The Minimalist cooking show a few days ago, (inspired but not copying: his recipe was quite different, beginning for example, with lamb) I made some spiced meatballs out of ground turkey, sauteed onions and pepper, an egg, cumin, coriander, paprika and sriracha.
I formed small cylindrical meatballs, browned them in a little olive oil over high heat, then rolled them in red lettuce leaves, to emulate stuffed  grape leaves, without using grape leaves.

The lettuce was not a great hit: the texture was all wrong, but the idea may work.  I'll try mustard greens next time, wilted in some boiling water for a few seconds: they should wrap around the meat more neatly, and give it a better package.

Yours, always wanting to try new things,

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