Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I apologise for how mundane my posts have been recently: not that I mean them to be mundane: but I frequently have ideas for a wonderful post, only to find that I am not at my computer.
And so I say "I have to remember that idea".
Only to forget what the heck it was when I am next at the computer.

Eventually I remember again, sometimes to post, sometimes to decide not to, and sometimes to be not at the computer, and to forget again before the next opportunity to post.

I've had similar experiences while exercising to Zoe Lewis' music: she has a song called Beja Flor, and I had not idea what it was about: listening to the lyrics, it sounded like it might be about a hummingbird.  But every time I exercised to the lyrics, I was still exercising when the song came on: I'd think "I have to check that" but by the time I had finished, the song was gone, as was the thought.

Well, a moment on google told me this afternoon that yes, indeed, it is a hummingbird.  A spectacularly beautiful one at that!

Yours, in memory of memory,

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