Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Taking Boo to the library

Boo and I walked to the library this afternoon: we would have taken Skibo too, but he had disappeared for a play date (literally, through a confusion of who had said what, we didn't know he had gone, or where -- though Boo did -- which has led to new rules about parents being told when you are leaving, etc).
The walk was delightful: on the way there, we discussed why Wednesday is called Wednesday, which led to a discussion of the names of all the days of the week, and thence to Norse myths and legends.
On the way home, we discussed the 13 year cicadas who are out at the moment: we talked about their life cycle, the way that they burrow to the roots of a tree and sit there for twelve and a half years, sucking on the rooty goodness: and she absorbed it all, and later took great delight in informing LOML about all these facts (which, I want to add, she got completely right).

At the library itself, she learned how to ask the librarian for help in finding a book, in this case about Norse myths; although they showed a book in stock for young people, we ended up having to borrow an adult book instead: I'll look forward to reading it to her!

Yours, loving how much of a learning-sponge she is right now!

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