Saturday, May 14, 2011

A new restaurant

We heard last week that there is a new Thai restaurant in the next town over, and that it was reasonably good.  Last night we decided to give it a try: Boo was on a sleepover, so LOML, Skibo and I headed down there.
Our first impressions were that it would be okay, but not that much better: the decor is okay, and the staff reasonably quick.  But then the food came: we started with a chicken satay between us, and some tempura shrimp for Skibo.  Surprisingly, he liked the satay too (especially the fact that it came with skewers!) and started right into it.
We were very pleased by the flavour of the satay, and his shrimp were excellent too: cook just to be done through, not overly done and chewy, and the batter was extremely light and crisp.
The restaurant also does sushi, and since that was what I was in the mood for, I ordered a sushi special: LOML ordered a massuman curried chicken, and we waited for a few minutes.  Not long after, our food came out -- including a miso soup and a small salad with the sushi.
Everything was superb: the sushi was very fresh, very tender pieces of fish, beautifully presented: the curry was ordered medium spicy, and that's how it came, and the complex flavours merged and mingled to give a delicious result.
Best of all, when we got the bill, it was not a case of sticker shock.  Everything was reasonably priced, and it tasted great. 

Yours, thinking that perhaps we've found a new favourite restaurant!

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