Monday, May 2, 2011

Civic affairs

LOML and I tossed a mental coin this evening, and I was the one to go: the town is finally discussing a non-smoking ordinance for restaurants and similar businesses, and those in favour wanted a strong turnout.  I wanted to go too, in part because I think that the ordinance is a good thing, but also to let the owners of the restaurant most impacted by this know that we care about their restaurant -- that we want to see them succeed after the ordinance (we hope) passes.
I used to enjoy sitting in the bar area of the restaurant back in the days when I was a smoker.  Two things happened: one, I quit smoking, and two, the ventilation of the smoking section got worse.  I know the reasons for the former change, and can speculate about the reasons for the latter: the result was that about three years after I'd quit smoking, and had continued going down to visit the pub, perhaps once a week, I realised that I hated the way that it made my clothes smell: it was much worse than it had been: obviously, my sense of smell had improved, but I think that the smoke had gotten much worse.
And I wanted to let them know I'd love to come back and be a customer again.

Yours, hoping that the ordinance passes, and that its impact turns out to be surprisingly positive on the restaurants,

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