Sunday, May 1, 2011


We went to see a local production of the stage version of To Kill A Mockingbird this afternoon.  We know many of the actors, and had been looking forward to the show: and came away incredibly impressed. 
The actor playing Atticus is a good actor --- we already knew that --- but he was magnificent in the role of the lawyer: absolutely convincing as the cool, kind but firm father.  The actress playing Mayella Ewell was outstanding too, as was her younger brother in the role of Jem Finch.  Totally unforced performances, believable and natural.  Scout was played by an eight-year old who shows real promise for the future.
I really enjoy theatrical productions, though we only go a few times a year --- but this production was absolutely outstanding!
We took Boo and Skibo along: I had some qualms ahead of time, but we talked to them about the storyline, and why it's an important play: Boo was thrilled by it, and Skibo, though initially resistant to going, enjoyed much of it. Until he fell asleep, curled up in his chair, during the trial scenes.
LOML and I were both brought to tears at the end, of course: the final few minutes are gut-wrenchingly sad.
Yours, impressed by the calibre of the local company,

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