Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Boo's doing well

 LOML and I were delighted to see a letter from Boo's teacher today:

Honestly, Boo has NO weak areas: she is ahead of the game in everything.  I expect her to qualify for Gifted and Talented next year, although I haven't heard anything official.
She picks up on things so quickly and makes great connections. She points things out to me sometimes that I didn't think of. 
Keep enriching her learning by exposing her to cultural, written works, and the wonder of the world around her. 
As parents, you have already done a great job of this.
It has helped to mold her already awesome personaliy.  Keep doing just what you're doing.
I want to meet up with Boo in 10 years and confirm all of my expectations of her.  I have loved her this year.

LOML and I are so proud of our little girl!

Yours, thrilled,

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