Friday, January 28, 2011

Wii age

We age.  We all age, even the young among us.  I turn thrumpty-sevix later this year, a milestone indeed.

But as surely as we age, so it seems, our wii age will bear no resemblance to reality.

We bought the Wii fit package today, a gift to the children for doing so well with their schoolwork.  The first thing that it does is to embarrass you: or rather me.  It says, roughly speaking "stand on me!", followed shortly thereafter by the equivalent of "ouch! get off!!!"   And then it estimates your "Wii age".  And the age is off, in a flattering way, by way more than a decade.

The Wii sports package also has an "estimate your Wii age" feature too: and on that I've gone from mid 70's to upper 20's over the past couple of weeks: neither end represents reality in how old I am, or even how old I feel.

But it does give me an incentive to get the estimated age down!  Or to keep it down!

Yours, occasionally wishing I could be my current Wii age again,

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Jennifer said...

My Wii age is's 20 years higher than my actual age. I have some pretty bad inner ear issues due to my deafness and subsequent surgeries so my balance is really off. It insults me every time I get on it, though, so we are not friends ;)