Sunday, January 9, 2011

No heated arguments here

As I walked in this afternoon when I arrived home, LOML asked if I wanted the bad new or the bad news.

It turns out that there is only bad news --- we are going to have to redo our heating and air conditioning system.  We are currently running two oil-filled radiators (in the UK sense of the word, not "radiant heat" in the electric coil sense) to heat the living room and the bedroom: the kids will snuggle with us while the temperature requires it.
Tonight it's supposed to snow, and snow hard, so the earliest we expect to be able to fix the system is several days.  These are the things that are sent to try us, right?

Yours, summoning the upbeat spirit that enabled people to survive the blitz.

p.s.  I don't mean to trivialize the blitz.  I mean to praise the upbeat spirit: and to summon similar strength in a much less challenging enviroment.

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