Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Boo drew and coloured a picture of me the other day.  It was the second in a series she had done, and as a consequence she originally titled it "Copy 1" (with the first being "Original 1") but subsequently renamed it "Original 2".
She really captured me: I have my hand over my face in an expression of despair at Skibo's behaviour, and you can see the misery, the defeat in my face.
One interesting feature that I had noticed, but never thought about, before was the relative size of feet and hands in her picture: my hands are huge, while my feet are tiny.  It just occurred to me that this reflects reality as seen by a child: their eyes are close to hand level, and so hands are big, whereas feet are relatively far away: consequently children draw hands as comparatively huge versus feet.

Yours, glad to have explained this anomaly,

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