Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spring Cleaning? It's not even mid-winter yet!

We have a cleaner coming tomorrow: for the first time ever, we're springing for cleaning.  Consequently, the four of us (yes, even the children, to an extent) spent some hours this morning picking things up off floors, putting things away in drawers, and other novel activities.  We made a good start, one which we hope the professional will be able to build on, and show us how to keep in place once she gets us there.

After the cleaning, we celebrated by going for a bike ride: the first one as a family since the start of the year (and indeed, for me, the first one of the year).  Less than an hour, but not by much, and though it was the case that when you ride with Skibo much of the time is spent waiting for his little wheels to catch up, we did manage to get in a bit of good exercise.

Finally to the vets' house for dinner, along with several other mutual friends.  A lovely time had by all, good food, good company, and not too much wine for the designated driver.  Finally the kids are in bed, if not necessarily asleep, and the day can come to a close.

Yours, exhausted,

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