Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Stable Table

Today, we adopted, or perhaps more correctly, we gave a foster home to, a new table.  Or rather, an old table.
A friend of ours constructed the table out of floor boards he reclaimed from a dying house a few years ago: and now he has no room for it, so he offered it to us.  We agreed that we'd love to have it, but on condition that we are merely looking after it until he wants it back.

It's heavy.  And when I say "heavy", I mean "heavy".   We managed to wrestle it into the back of a pickup truck, and he drove it down the street to our house.
Unfortunately, about fifty yards from the house, the table started slipping, and in the middle of a crossroads, slipped right off the back of the truck!

It's a testament to the construction of the table that it basically caused no damage at all to it.  So now, we have a table worthy of throwing a big dinner party, and all we need is the event to throw for it. 
Tomorrow, the regular Thursday night potlucks continue, and we christen our new table.

Yours, stable,

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