Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I've never been one for drawing, or painting.  I stick, pretty much exclusively, to origami as my art form.
But this morning, as I lay sick in bed with two coughing children next to me, LOML suggested some assignments: the children should draw, or write about, some of the things they'd seen in England over the past couple of weeks, so that they could tell all their school friends about it. 
To jolly them on, I tried joining in.  I did a pencil sketch of the Castle, copied from a postcard we'd bought on our first visit there.  And if I say so myself, it's better than dreadful.  Not great -- straight lines wobble, and the perspective is awful: and vertical lines lean awfully.  But compared to what I usually produce, a work of near-genius!

Yours, worried now whether drawing a copy of a photograph is plagiarism...

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