Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring break

Since the children are out of school this week, and I don't teach on Tuesdays, I decided that I'd stay away from work today: we took the children to the local museum for people their age (when I say local, I mean 40 minutes from here, but it's a pretty easy drive, so let's call it local).
It made for a lovely day (all except the final few minutes when Boo insisted to LOML amd to me that she wouldn't leave without a gift from the gift store.  Finally we threatened to carry her out, and she left, protesting loudly and making us both embarrassed.
We finished the day with the Tuesday Spaghetti Club at E&G, M&A's.  Their tradition is really growing on me: it's a nice fixture in the week to know that we'll be going over there for dinner.

Yours, celebrating the children's spring break week in a day,

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