Friday, April 9, 2010

Internal conflict

I admit to a problem.

I love the fact that Boo is a superb reader.  And I love the fact that she wants to read in bed.  Both LOML and I have a history of reading under the covers by flashlight when we were little (although at least in my case, I was probably a year or two older than Boo is now when I did so).

I actually don't really mind her reading at night: but how do we persuade her that she needs to go to sleep, rather than reading until 11? 

Yours, proud of a reader, worried about a not-enough-sleeper,

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Elisa said...

The deal in my house was that I could read as long as I liked as long as I didn't get up or bother my parents. I learned to regulate myself pretty well. Never had fights about going to bed, and as a result, love to sleep. So I'd say--let her read. if she's inherited your wife's metabolism, she can function fine on 3 or 4 hours a night.