Friday, April 2, 2010

First time in ****ty years

For the first time in something like twenty years, I went out in a rowing shell this afternoon.  The club for which I act as faculty advisor is having a regatta tomorrow, and asked parents and friends of the crew to try rowing.  I finally decided to participate (I'd come close a few times, having fully intended to do so in 2007, until I broke my arm six weeks before the event).
It was fun -- perhaps a little less fun than I'd anticipated, for somewhat complicated reasons that I won't go into, but still fun.  Mind you, now my thighs are letting me know that I am not used to this!   Serious aches going on!

Tomorrow morning I take the children to watch the regatta for a couple of hours or so, and then trek home to watch the big race on BBCAmerica.

Yours, cheering the light blues on,

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Cornish Dreamer said...

Skiff rowing? When I lived in Cambridge, I always wanted to give it a go - thought it would be kinder on my back than gig rowing was. Sadly, the closest I got was the rowing machine at the gym!
Glad you had fun. Hope you enjoy watching "the race".