Saturday, April 17, 2010


The lovely thing (as I have probably mentioned before, perhaps way too often!) about living in a small town, is that you get to know lots of people.
This morning, while Boo was off at a Girl Scout daisies meeting, LOML, Skibo, and various other friends got together with the rest of the town to have a community health and heritage walk: not far (though it felt further than the two miles or so it claimed -- a couple of the hills were steep) but lots of fun.  It was a collaboration between a university class and a local town community group, and it was a lovely event.
Then this evening, we we went to have dinner with our veterinary friends, who have a practice in town, although they live a little way away.  Lovely people, a great house, with a swimming pool, a hot tub, and land like you wouldn't believe. 
We lack a lot in not having our families live nearby, but we do make up for a little of it by having some lovely community spirit....

Yours, celebrating community,

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