Thursday, April 22, 2010

Republican health care proposal

A couple of weeks ago, a suggestion was made by a republican candidate running to face Senate Majority leader Harry Reid that the answer to rising health care costs was for people to return to bartering with the doctor.

Most everybody back then assumed that she was mis-speaking, and instead was offering up the slightly less ridiculous suggestion that people haggle with their doctors to get the prices down.  Today, however, she reiterated her suggestion, making it clear that she's suggesting offering chickens for checkups.  Now, I don't know how much she thinks a checkup costs, or how much a chicken is worth, and I suspect that she hasn't thought through the complexity of delivering enough chickens to enough interested parties for an expensive procedure, say bypass surgery.  Or even the fact that most people don't have things to barter that doctors are going to want.  That's why we have money, to enable us to avoid having to find a doctor who will take a chicken for an operation.  Absolutely.  Crazy.

Yours, too chicken to go to the doctor,

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