Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another way to have a lovely day

Another lovely evening: we are outdoing ourselves!  This evening started with the meet and greet at the art exhibit (in which my student and won second prize overall for our origami/3-d printer sculptures: we thought that this was amusing, given that there had only been one entry and we had won second prize (sort of like the old Monopoly card!) until we discovered that the judging was not by category but was for the entire exhibition!
We followed this up with a visit to the Japanese restaurant which we visit whenever we want a lovely dinner, together with K&K, and LOML's friend E: as always the food was wonderful --- the service was good, but not as great as usual --- and the company made the evening.
We finished up, on the drive home, by singing along, all four of us, with Zoe Lewis' song "Squid".  It was magical, hearing both children singing at the top of their voices (along with LOML and me)
Let's go squidding, with the grandpas and boys
I'm really not kidding, it's one of summertime's joys
I've got ink on my hands, and a jig on the line, 
And enough in my bucket for dinnertime
Let's go squidding, with the grandpas and boys

For those who are wondering, I do have a lot of other music.  And I listen to it a lot.  But I love sharing this music:-)

Yours, wondering if I can make it four days in a row,

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